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Top 5: Secret buildings you can’t miss in Amsterdam!

31 march 2018

Seven Country Houses

Between the townhouses of the Roemer Visscherstraat, the ‘Seven Countries Houses’’ are hidden. In this row of seven residential houses, each building has its own architecture, representing its own country.
Where? Roemer Visscherstraat 20 – 30


The smallest house of the world

The smallest house of the world can be found in Amsterdam. And even while the front of the house is already tiny, the back is only 1 metres wide! Look closely, because you will pass it before you know it!
Where? Singel 7


The widest house of Amsterdam

From the smallest to the widest… With a façade of 22 metres, the ‘Trippenhuis’ is number 1 without a doubt! It was built in 1660 by two brothers, who had made a lot of money with their trade business. They were mostly specified in iron, copper, artillery and ammunition.
Where? Kloveniersburgwal 29


Little houses at the Noordermarkt

Speaking of small houses… Make sure to go by the Noordermarkt and look for the little houses between number 70 and 54. The addresses jump from 70 to 54. These little houses were the solution for the gap and create the cutest pictures!
Where? Noordermarkt


One of the most expensive houses of Amsterdam

This beautiful house at the Herman Heijermansweg is one of the most expensive houses of Amsterdam! The price? € 13.287 per square metre. With a total surface of 365 square metres that’s a total of… you can do the math!
Where?  Herman Heijermansweg 43

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